Bishop’s Stortford Facilities

We aim to achieve the highest possible standards in patient and client care and continually invest in the latest equipment.


Our veterinary ambulance is available for transportation of animals when needed. Our vets and nurses use the ambulance for bringing animals into Hospital , or delivering them back home if owners cannot travel themselves, or if the pet is too large or unwell to travel in an owners car.

Aquatic Treadmill

An aquatic treadmill provides the latest technology for small animal rehabilitation, pre- and post-operative conditioning, general fitness training and weight loss. The treadmill is surrounded by glass sides allowing the hydrotherapist to monitor your animal's range of joint movement, stride length and pattern throughout the session. With fully adjustable temperatures, water levels and speeds the... Read more »

Consultation rooms

There are 4 fully equipped consultation rooms with air conditioning for your comfort.

Dental Room

Dental disease is common in dogs, cats and rabbits and can be a source of great discomfort to our pets. Our dental suite is designed to  allow our vets to perform a thorough examination of your pet’s  mouth, remove scale, tartar and bacteria  from the teeth and perform extractions of any teeth that might be… Read more »


We have an extensive selection of fixed and flexible video endoscopes that allow us to examine a whole range of body systems including ear canals; upper airway and nasal chambers; throat, stomach and intestines and bladders. We are able to record images so that we can compare results over time and show you what we... Read more »


What is hydrotherapy? Hydrotherapy is derived from the Greek word meaning water healing. It is controlled aquatic exercise in heated sanitized water. A combination of warmth, buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure reduces pain and swelling, promotes muscle relaxation and improves circulation and healing. The warmth of the water will relax the muscles. A decrease in range... Read more »


Our laboratory, headed by Debbie Best, our fully qualified technician, is equipped with the latest haematology and wet chemistry machines. We continually upgrade our laboratory equipment, so as well as routine biochemistry and electrolyte monitoring  we can test for coagulation disorders, some hormonal changes,  specific tests for pancreatic disease, inflammatory markers  and tests measuring the… Read more »

Medical Ward

When animals are too sick to go home, we have facilities to keep them here on site, tended by the duty nurse who remains here with them. There is CCTV that ensures they can be monitored even if the nurse is not in the room. There is an isolation area for animals with infectious diseases... Read more »

Operating Theatre

Our theatre complies with modern regulations and is climate controlled with a bacterial and viral filter. We have an extensive range of monitoring equipment and we use the best anaesthetic agents to ensure the highest levels of patient safety. We offer ‘same day’ pre-anaesthetic blood tests, performed in our on-site laboratory, to further improve patient... Read more »


We have our own car park with large parking bays including a disabled bay, beside the Hospital. Further free parking is available on the road right outside the Hospital.


As you arrive at the practice, please check in at reception so they can ensure you are seen promptly. We have a separate cat waiting area so our feline friends are less disturbed by any noisy canine companions.

Ultrasound Room

Our new, very sophisticated ultrasound machine allows us to thoroughly examine the workings of the heart and perform thorough examinations of the internal organs within the abdomen.We have four ultrasound probes meaning we can get detailed images of different parts of the body in all different sizes of pet animals, from guinea pigs to Great… Read more »


We have a very powerful, digital x-ray machine that allows us to take very clear radiographs. In particular it allows us to take very accurate chest films. In addition, more specialised radiological investigations can be performed such as barium meals (to study the digestive tract), intravenous urography (to study the urinary system) and myelography (to... Read more »