Covid 19 – Coronavirus

Covid-19 (Coronavirus)


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How does a visit to the vet work during lockdown?

When you arrive we ask you to wait in your car.

Please call us on 01279654108  to let our reception team know you have arrived. They will ask you which phone number is the best to contact you on, where you are parked and what car you are in.

When the vet is ready they will call you and discuss with you over the phone why your pet is here and what your concerns are.

The vet will then come and collect your pet from you. Cats should be placed on the ground in a secure basket. Dogs should be hooked on the available dog hooks. Please step at least 2 metres back for the vet to collect your pet.

The vet will then take your pet in and examine it. When a treatment plan is formed the vet will call you to discuss this after which treatment will be given.

Either our reception team will call or the vet will transfer the call to reception to take payment over the phone. After which the vet will return the pet to you

Are you vaccinating pets?

YES we are vaccinating all pets now. We have also added a special vaccinations only clinic some evenings to ensure we can get all pets vaccinated again

Are you neutering pets?

YES we are and we have also added a special neutering clinic to our services.

Can my pet give me Coronavirus?

There is no evidence of coronavirus circulating in pets or other animals in the UK and there is nothing to suggest animals may transmit the disease to humans. In line with the general advice on fighting coronavirus, you should wash your hands regularly, including before and after contact with animals.