Phone Consultations

Due to the severe movement restriction imposed by the government, we must limit the reasons we leave our house to only those that absolutely are essential.

The advice from the RCVS , the governing body for vets, has decreed, that where possible we should try to treat our patients using remote technology. This means phone calls and pictures  , video calls , emailing pictures and videos etc.

They have also relaxed  the rules over prescribing veterinary medicines, to allow us to prescribe  prescription medicines  without having physically examined an animal, in certain circumstances.


Therefore we have introduced “Phone Consultations”

Where a receptionist feels a “phone consultation” might be the best option,  they will book a timed  slot with one of our vets. The vet, at the allotted time, will call you and discuss the problem. They may ask you use , a Whats App or Facetime video call to help them examine your pet , or ask you to send pictures using mobile phone, email or internet technology ( which ever you have available) .


If the vet is satisfied a reasonable treatment plan can be drawn up they will discuss this with you and can dispense  the medications for you to collect or  post them out to you.

The vet will  then book a second appointment slot for you at an appropriate time in the coming days, at which time we will call you again and go through the problem once more  and assess the  whether the problem is responding satisfactorily. This second consultation is included in the initial fee.

I hope you will appreciate that arranging and performing these two phone and media messaging consultations  is actually much more time consuming for the vet  while still employing the vets knowledge experience and skill to try and come to a diagnosis .

Therefore, there will be a fee for the phone consultation, ( as there would be for a regular consultation). The fee includes all the use of technology as needed and also includes the follow up call .

If the vet feels the phone consultation cannot come to a acceptable diagnosis or treatment plan then they may ask you to come to the surgery for a regular consultation. If this is the case then there would only be not one  consultation fee charged .

We appreciate that this is far from an ideal way of conducting an examination , but in the present unprecedented circumstances, we feel it is the best compromise between not tending to a pets needs at all, or seeing non urgent cases in person which is against the government and RCVS regulations.


We thank you for your understanding .