Door Opening Postponed

We regret to inform you that we are maintaining our closed door policy for a little longer and will continue to work in the current method.

In the weeks running up to July 19th, so called “Freedom Day” it has become clear that Covid-19 case rates are increasing rapidly, whilst a significant proportion of the population is not yet fully vaccinated. Case rates of up to 200,000 per day by the end of July have been forecasted by some experts.

We therefore feel opening the doors to the public from 19th July, as was planned, creates an infection risk for our staff and for our clients, which is currently unacceptably high.

Pre Covid we might have an average of 100 clients through the doors in a single day many of whom would be in close contact with staff due to the nature of examining animals. With the government test and trace policy as it is, if  just one visitor tested positive, there would be the potential that we lose multiple members of staff due to imposed self isolation.

This could risk the need for us to restrict services to emergencies only or even close altogether.

Therefore, we apologise but for the immediate future we need to maintain the closed door policy to ensure uninterrupted care for our patients

We thank you for your understanding as we navigate through this difficult period. We will regularly review the and look forward to welcoming you back inside as soon as is safe.

Your veterinary team